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stephanie brown

codename. Spoiler Robin Batgirl
age. 21
date of birth. August 11, 1992
occupation. Student by day, vigilante by night
dating status. Polyamorous Batpile
hometown. Gotham, NJ
height. 5'5"
build. Solid, muscular
hair. Blonde
eyes. Blue

Optimist. Actual ray of sunshine. Complete dork.

Impulsive, reckless, stubborn. Largely driven by emotion. Clever and resourceful, not so good at following orders. Does not give up ever.

Tiny ball of hidden rage and trauma. Kind of addicted to crime fighting. Hopes for the best even when everything's going wrong. Just wants to make the world in general (and Gotham in particular) a better place.

(for more detail, see her app)


Steph is nineteen years old, white, and has blue eyes and long, slightly curly honey-blonde hair. She's 5'5", solidly built and kind of stocky (see here or here for reference).

Notably, she is covered in scars. There aren't many on her face, and her knuckles may be heavily scarred, but it's difficult to actually spot if you're not looking. If she's wearing anything more revealing than long sleeves and long pants, though, you're going to notice them. Most are random: burn marks, lacerations, road rash, or minor injuries that just healed badly somehow. The most significant ones include: a C-section scar low on her abdomen; a bullet wound (entry wound on the back of her left shoulder, quarter-sized exit wound on the front); a jagged-looking scar four-inches long on the front of her right shoulder; countless almost-surgical parallel marks down her sides and the outsides of her thighs and upper arms; and four raised round scars running in a straight line down her sternum. Do not ask about them, she won't appreciate it.


Steph's an ordinary unpowered teenage girl, but she's been fighting crime for years, and she was trained by Batman and his associates - she's not the best of the Batfam, not by a longshot, but she's able to hold her own against most of what Gotham can throw at her. She's skilled in gymnastics, martial arts and parkour, as well as thrown projectiles. (Okay... batarangs. She's good at batarangs.) Her primary weapon these days is a collapsible bo staff. Has some training in detective work, forensics, lockpicking and general escapology, and emergency first aid. She is also really, really good at driving various vehicles at extremely high speeds, sometimes while under attack, and not dying in the process.

synodiporia skill list is here

Haaaaaaah I'll get back to this. For now, have a wiki link.

how's my driving

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[OOC: It can be generally assumed all Batkids have access to this. If there's anything they'd tell Steph that you don't want to thread out, just let me know so I can add it.]

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